StrangeWorx is 10 years old today!

Just a quick post,


Its was 10 years ago today that I filmed my very first wedding video. Congratulations to Dawn & Alan Pickles, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.


I can’t find any footage from it (it might be in a shoe box in a loft somewhere)

Things have come a long way in 10 years. For example, I never had a copy of this wedding on DVD!
It was VHS! Or, for the tech savy of the time, I could create an SVCD that would play in some computers disc drives 🙂
Although DVDs did exist 10 years ago, it wasn’t until a year or later that they became the ‘norm’

Once again, congrats to Dawn and Alan Pickles, and thanks for asking me to film your wedding 10 years ago 🙂


James Strange

StrangeWorx Wedding Films


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